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As in all Episcopal parishes, the Vestry is the elected governing body of the parish. In addition to the Rector, the Vestry is composed of the Senior and Junior Wardens and nine other members, who represent a broad spectrum of the Grace community. As a whole the Vestry:

  • Helps to discern the vision toward which God is drawing Grace Church;
  • Articulates and communicates that vision;
  • Holds the Grace community accountable for its realization of the vision;
  • Keeps the mission of the Church and that of the individual congregation clearly before the parish community.

Broadly speaking, the Vestry also has canonically specified responsibilities for the stewardship of church money and property and for working with the rector on personnel management and program development and oversight. Upon the departure of a rector, the Vestry is also responsible for calling an interim or new rector, with the assent of the bishop.

Members of the Vestry are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting, which is held in January of each year. Vestry members must be communicants of Grace Church and at least 18 years of age.  The Vestry meets regularly on the third Monday of each month for two to three hours at Grace House and displays minutes of its meetings in the Undercroft.

Current Vestry Members:

    • Yvonne VanLowe, Senior Warden (2021)
    • Virgil Whitehurst, Junior Warden (2020)
    • Chris Flood (2020)
    • Mark Miller (2020)
    • Kecia Brown (2020)
    • Keith Allen (2021)
    • Beth Amundson (2021)
    • Zeena Chi (2021)
    • Alana Hackshaw (2022)
    • Brigitte Herron (2022)
    • Steve Raisch (2022)

Recording Secretary: Aileen Moodie

Diocesan Delegates: Paul Brown, Tracey Henley, Stephanie Gray, Gail Rowe (Alternate)

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Grace Episcopal Church
Grace Church Road, located off of Georgia Ave. in downtown Silver Spring, near the intersection of Georgia Ave. and 16th Street.

The church office will be open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. After hours you may leave a message on the answering machine, which will direct you to individual voice mail boxes for members of the church staff.

Telephone: Parish Office: 301.585.3515; Parish Fax: 301.585.4309

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1607 Grace Church Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 585-3515