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A Note of Grace – May 12, 2015

Dear Grace Church Family and Friends,

Last week, I was walking along East-West Highway, on my way home from the Silver Spring Metro station, and as I came up the hill past the offices of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), a distinct sound reached my ear. It grew noticeable louder as I continued up the block, until finally, I realized – the wave pool was on!

If you have never seen it, NOAA has a wave pool that is part art sculpture, part science experiment. Designed by Jim Sanborn, best known for the Kryptos sculpture at CIA headquarters, the wave pool is a representation of the Atlantic coastline. Actual wave heights are transmitted from the NOAA monitoring station in Woods Hole, Massachusetts and are instantaneously replicated in the wave pool.

The pool was off for most of the winter but must have been turned on the day I walked by. I couldn’t help noticing, and so I stopped for a minute to take in the waves. It was a powerful and welcomed sight on a warm and sunny day, and as I stood there, I found myself smiling as the happiness bubbled up inside.

There is just something about water.

Water is necessary for life, but it also has a way of giving life. It rejuvenates and restores. It welcomes us into Christian community. Its beauty is mesmerizing and inviting, and water often invites us to play, calling to us like a best friend from childhood.

Standing by the pool, my heart full, I wanted to kick off my shoes and put both feet in, letting the waves wash over me, but caution prevailed. Instead, I took out my cell phone and recorded a short video, capturing the moment for me and for you.

When I finished, I placed the phone back in my pocked, and I wondered:

Have you made a splash today?

See you in church,

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